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Ever since I received my first Commodore 64 at the age of 14, I have been fascinated by the possible intricacies that are represented through the pixel world. Where some see logic and numbers, I see the potential to create entire worlds from a blank computer screen.


My work begins as a grid, from which I use a digital colour palette to build layers of abstract compositions. I mostly draw upon inspiration from the natural world, sensing the changes of light and colour as they come into contact with objects, landscapes and people. I capture the reflections, refractions and illusions which manipulate our normative construct of what something should look like.


Part of my collection is also in the creation of sculptural objects, a process which begins digitally. I then use 3D printing to introduce the sculpture into our dimension. This technique allows me to create abstract topographies which are intended to be both playful and intriguing, encouraging the viewer to interact conceptually with the form it is representing.


Pixel Artist Mark Bern in Zurich
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